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Oak Creek Hefeweizen


This traditional unfiltered wheat beer won a Gold Medal in the 22nd annual Great American Beer Fest in Denver, CO. It is made with up to 50% wheat malt instead of all malted barley which lends a lighter note.  lt is deep gold in color with a very low hop bitterness level and a … [Read more...]

Oak Creek Nut Brown Ale

Oak Creek Brewing Nut Brown Ale

Winner of both the Gold and Bronze Medal in the North American Brewers' Association competition. This northern Arizona favorite has a consistent nutty flavor with just a hint of spice in its depths. A slowly emerging bitterness crops up along the way and is unobtrusively … [Read more...]

Oak Creek Amber Ale

Oak Creek Brewing Company Amber Ale

Silver Medal Winner at the North American Brewers' Association competition. This beautiful amber beer is a malt dominated brew, featuring biscuity, bread-like malt cleanliness. A nice mild, Hallertau noble hop flavored bitterness fills in the background. It pairs well with … [Read more...]

Oak Creek Pale Ale

Oak Creek Pale Ale

Our American Pale Ale is a ‘Great American Beer Fest’ Silver Medal Winner. This is a beer with pleasant floral bitterness, ending in a smooth finish that lingers on the back of the tongue. The bitterness is the work of Cascade & Centennial hops used throughout the brewing … [Read more...]

Oak Creek Gold Lager

This richly gold-colored Bohemian Pilsner styIe beer begins fresh and malty with a good hop-malt balance and a dense, white rocky head of foam. It maintains its zest and balance of hops and malt from start to finish. lt is a cold lagered, naturally carbonated all-malt beer. A Gold … [Read more...]

Oak Creek King Crimson

The newest beer in our portfolio has a beautiful deep amber/red color with a tan creamy head. King Crimson has nice rich malt flavor accenting dark crystal malts and an American hop trio of Centennial, Cascade & Amarillo to provide bitterness. This beer pairs well with spicy … [Read more...]

Oak Creek Prosperity Porter

Very dark & full-bodied ale with its richness coming from dark caramel & roasted malts used to brew it. This traditional English ale exhibits coffee-like taste notes combined with English East Kent Golding hop bitterness for balance. Pairs well with steak, roasts & … [Read more...]

Oak Creek Snake Charmer India Pale Ale

This big Citra hop brew will fill your nose with sweet citrus aroma & a nice crystal malt black notes. Its deep gold color has a slight haze from massive amounts of hops used to brew our hoppiest brew. Pairs well with spicy Thai dishes as well as big full flavored stews. ABV … [Read more...]